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Bose 131 Flush-mounted Marine Speakers (arctic White) - 1 Pair

131 Flushmounted Marine Speakers

The 131 Flush-mounted is a fantastic enclosure. 131 Flush-mounted is undoubtedly a type of top quality product you can find online. If you are thinking about purchasing this enclosure, you've come to the right spot. We provide you exclusive deals for this great item with safe purchase. One of the several best features for this enclosure is the flush mount in your boats pre-cut speaker openings. Other highlights consist of consistent sound quality for marine use. 0017817183703 is the EAN-13 barcode for this speaker box. It's dimensions are 11.81"H x 7.09"L x 3.5"W. It has got a weight of 4.41 lbs.


Model: 18370
UPS: 017817183703
Package Quantity: 1

Each 131 speaker attributes a Bose full-range driver for high-fidelity sound. But unlike conventional marine speakers, they feature a proprietary ported enclosure that delivers smooth, consistent low-frequency response. If they can handle abuse like this, they'll be right at house in your boat. Bose 131 marine speakers have been created to flush mount inside the pre-cut speaker openings presented by a lot of boat producers. This innovative approach compensates for unpredictable environments behind the mounting places that can diminish performance. Like every Bose outdoor speaker, 131 marine speakers are thoroughly weather tested and guaranteed to withstand snow, rain, salt spray and extreme temperatures. They provide a much a lot more consistent sound field than conventional speakers, so you enjoy the clarity and full performance of your music even when you're afloat.


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