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Polk Audio AA2652-A MM651UM 6. 5-INCH Coax Ultra Marine Speaker

AA2652A MM651UM 6 5INCH Coax Ultra
Polk Audio AA2652A MM651UM 6 5INCH Coax Ultra Marine Speaker Image 1

Songs will certainly rock inside your boat with AA2652A MM651UM 6 5INCH Coax Ultra brought to you by Polk Audio. I definitely liked that the speaker has rugged, built-on grille includes tweeter mount eliminates the need for a traditional tweeter post. The speaker has a weight of 4 lbs. Where to buy a AA2652A MM651UM 6 5INCH Coax Ultra. For additional details on this speaker, visit our store button on this page.

Polk Audio

Model: AA2652-A
UPS: 047192114672
Package Quantity: 1

Introducing the new Mobile Monitor (MM) Series high performance loudspeaker systems, the next generation in mobile loudspeaker design. Borrowing technologies from our flagship SR Series, the MM Series offers exceptional value for the price. Even though any within the other MM Series might be employed for marine applications, 3 new dedicated Ultra Marine models have been created for your watercraft needs. Ultra Marine speakers match the modern look located on watercraft. Salt water, high humidity, wide temperature range and relentless pounding from the sun take a toll on speakers. Designed and styled particularly for use in the marine environment, they are not just auto speakers painted white. The MM Series capabilities 18 new models, including 3 Ultra Marine designs, to fit virtually any application on land and water. The marine atmosphere presents a special challenge. The MM Series is composed of 6 full range systems, 3 component packages and 9 subwoofers. Through the use of high-tech carbon composite baskets, powerful Neodymium motor structures using oversized voice coils, and state-of-the-art woven glass composite cones, we provide high-end audio performance normally found only inside one particular of the most expensive loudspeaker systems. In addition, these space age materials offer weight savings that can mean higher performance for your auto or boat. Consequently of 3 years of Polk research and development, the new MM systems happen to be created to provide unparalleled sound high quality with exceptional fit to meet virtually any application.


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