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Infinity Reference 612M 6. 5-INCH 225-WATT High-performance 2-WAY Marine Loudspeaker (pair)

Reference 612M 6 5INCH 225WATT Highperformance

This item is VERY popular! Blast the music inside your watercraft to the Infinity Reference 612M 6. 5-INCH 225-WATT High-performance 2-WAY Marine Loudspeaker (pair) manufactured by Harman Kardon. Reference 612M 6. is a type of high quality item you can buy on the net. For those who are thinking of buying this item, you've come to the ideal place. Our company offers you unique bargains with this excellent speaker with safe purchase. I in fact liked that the item has the feature of grille-mounted 1-1/4-inch polypropylene semi-dome tweeter offers crystal-clear high end. Other features consist of one-year warranty. UPC Number 050667110239. The speaker is 5" Height x 10" Length x 5" Width and it has a weight of 5 lbs. To be certain that your transaction goes smoothly and everyone comes out satisfied, I'll supply some ideas before you purchase this item. To ensure you aren't dissatisfied after purchasing it and in accordance with the product you require. You can also find cost comparisons from suppliers that I found, so you get the very best value at present with this great water resistant marine speaker. Brand new Reference 612M 6. I would like for you to get the best price when you buy a speaker for your boat!

Harman Kardon

Model: 612m
UPS: 050667110239
Package Quantity: 1

Looking for a drastically far much more moving audio encounter? With proprietary capabilities including patent-pending Plus One cones, true 4-ohm topology, Uni Pivot edge-driven tweeters and the industry-leading Intermount III and I-Mount mounting systems, as well since the Starfish tweeter-mounting adapter, Reference Series speakers leave the competition scrambling to maintain up. For instance, the 6-1/2-inch Reference coaxial model has been the number-one-selling automobile audio multielement speaker for 5 years straight. Infinity Reference Series loudspeakers continue to be the top-selling premium speakers within the planet. Innovative materials and breakthrough engineering have usually put Infinity products out in front of the competition's. So expect extreme output from these speakers, but be ready for accuracy and detail that may surprise you. Take Infinity car audio for a ride.

Infinity's 612m is a 6. With several protections against UV rays, salt and water damage, it will make your marine system shine. The Infinity Reference SeriesInfinity's Reference Series has been engineered to deliver best-in-class performance for those looking to replace or upgrade their factory speakers. Features like Infinity's Plus One (patent pending) woofer cones and edge-driven-dome tweeters have helped position Infinity Reference because the number-one line of automotive loudspeakers for the past six years straight. 5-inch two-way marine loudspeaker with 225 Watts peak energy handling.

Marine-ready The 612m's spider and tinsel leads are teated against moisture contamination. Infinity marine speakers have extended been regarded as the sound-quality leaders amongst marine audio speakers. They also incorporate stainless-steel hardware. Today, Infinity offers 3 tiers of automotive speakers comparable towards the best home-audio components. Infinity Reference 612m 6. A sealed cone and magnet structure offers extra moisture protection, and the grille itself is treated to retain its finish. Infinity Kappa Perfect, Kappa, and Reference Series speakers deliver performance that rivals the best the competition has to offer. They feature sealed motors and sealed polypropylene cones for the ultimate in water resistance. Infinity 612m SpecificationsPower Handling, RMS: 75 Watts Power Handling, Peak: 225 Watts Sensitivity (2. 5-Inch 105-Watt Two-Way Marine Loudspeaker Infinity Reference 6912m 6 x 9-Inch 105-Watt Two-Way Marine Loudspeaker The corrosion-proof cast polymer basket will also hold up to UV rays, salt and water damage, and stainless steel mounting hardware is included. What's in the BoxInfinity Reference 612m 6. 83V @ 1m) : 92d BFrequency Response: 50Hz - 20k Hz Impedance: 4 Ohms Mounting Depth: 2-5/8 inchesAbout InfinityInfinity was founded in 1968 on a distinctive blend of technology, performance, and design. 5-Inch Two-Way Marine Loudspeaker (pair) , Mounting Hardware, User ManualInfinity Reference Series Marine SpeakersThe 612m and 6912m are designed specifically for marine use.


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